MAPFRE and the society

MAPFRE is committed to the economic and social development of the countries where it carries out its activity and therefore:

  • a) Assumes the impact that its activity generates in society, evaluating and managing  non-financial, ethical, governing, reputational, social and environmental risk, in accordance with what is established in the Group's Risk Management Policy or any other complementary corporate policy adopted, and also with what is established in the general principle six of  the Social Responsibility policy (PDF, 76,1 KB), relating to Human Rights.

  • b) It is bound to those social activities or initiatives that benefit society. In this regard MAPFRE considers that its priority social action sectors are: disability, road safety and accident prevention, promotion of insurance culture, health promotion, the environment and corporate volunteering. To develop its action areas, MAPFRE may establish collaborations with public or private organizations, especially with Fundación MAPFRE, which carries out its activities in accordance with what is established by its Board of Trustees and its company bylaws.

  • c) It considers that it also contributes to the development of activities that lead to benefits for society through the line of sponsorships that it promotes, in accordance with the Corporate Sponsorship Manual.
    MAPFRE and society (PDF, 303 KB)