Multinational Team

Multinational Team

MAPFRE has a Code of Ethics and Conduct that establishes the rules that must govern behavior and action among employees and in their relationships with third parties. Furthermore, it promotes a working environment based on an atmosphere of mutual trust and commitment, which involves: 

a) Consolidating a culture of respect for people and behavior that is favorable and open to diversity faced with any of the Company's stakeholders.

b) Guaranteeing the right to effective equal opportunities and dealings with all workers, which allows them — without exception — to develop personally and professionally. 

c) Avoiding any type of occupational discrimination in the areas of access to employment, promotion, professional classification, training, compensation, work/life balance and other working conditions.

d) Contributing to maintaining working environments that are free of harassment and behavior that is violent or offensive to people's rights and dignity, and guarantee that, if it occurs, there are appropriate procedures for dealing with the problem and correcting it.

e) Achieving an optimal level of occupational security and achieving a working environment that allows MAPFRE professionals to carry out their work in the best physical and psychical conditions and conditions of well-being.

f) Promoting the establishment of payment conditions that guarantee a decent salary, acknowledging the effort and contribution of employees to the company profit.

g) Offering employees the opportunity to channel and develop their most charitable side through Corporate Volunteering, in accordance with MAPFRE’s General Volunteering Plan.

To know the major initiatives and projects that MAPFRE is developing with its employees, you can consult the following document:

MAPFRE and its employees (PDF, 1.52 MB)