Clients and insured parties

MAPFRE and its Clients

They are the basis of the business, including the potential client and, therefore, MAPFRE assumes the following commitments: 

a) Providing honest assessment and full information regarding the characteristics and qualities of MAPFRE products and services, before they are hired.

b) Providing an accessible and quality service within the agreed time frame, tracking the client experience, using surveys to measure their satisfaction and other methods and systems that facilitate continual active listening to the client in all the processes and operations where the latter relates to the company.

c) Maintaining due confidentiality in processing their data.

d) Managing and resolving their claims in the shortest time possible.

e) Maintaining appropriate and efficient channels of communication using the most appropriate means.

f) Continually innovating so as to provide added-value services and products, facilitating and promoting access to insurance for the greatest number of groups.

g) Respecting and complying with the rules that regulate communications and marketing activities and assuming the voluntary codes that lend transparency and truth to these actions.

To know the major initiatives and projects that MAPFRE is developing with its clients, you can consult the following document:

MAPFRE and its clients (PDF, 950 KB)