Social Responsibility Policy

Social Responsibility Policy

Social responsibility allows the company's business interests to be reconciled with the legitimate interests of the different stakeholders that may be affected, and also assumes the impact of the company's activities on the community in general and the environment.
The present Corporate Social Responsibility Policy (hereinafter, “CSR Policy”) intends to establish a reference framework, from which any MAPFRE GROUP company can develop and strengthen socially responsible behavior, regardless of the way — conventional and/or digital — the business is carried out and the country it operates in, locally adapting any actions that are necessary for compliance with it.

The policy consists of:

Nine general principles for action related to:
  1. Compliance with International Commitments relating to Social Responsibility, subscribed to by MAPFRE.
  2. Compliance with current national and international laws and regulations in all countries that the Group operates in, adopting complementary international rules and guidelines such as those established by the OECD and International Labor Organization (ILO) agreements, wherever there is not a sufficient or appropriate legal framework.
  3. Maintaining corporate governance practices.
  4. Communication and dialog with all stakeholders.
  5. Commitment to transparency, as a way of conveying and generating trust and credibility among our stakeholders.
  6. Commitment to Human Rights.
  7. Fiscal responsibility.
  8. Conservation and promotion of the Environment.
  9. Promotion of social responsibility.

Six specific principles of action related to: employees, shareholders, suppliers, distributors, customers and society.

Mechanisms for development, monitoring and control of this policy

This policy will be developed and will complement the different corporate policies that are approved within the Group in direct relation to the general and specific principles of action established.
The MAPFRE CSR Corporate Committee, a permanent internal body, with executive duties and faculties for providing information, advice and proposals within its action sector, acting in accordance with its established responsibilities, will present an annual report to the MAPFRE, S.A. Board of Directors and/or delegate body authorized in this regard, on the degree of progress in compliance with the CSR policy and strategy.

Corporate CSR Committee

The CSR Committee is a permanent, internal body with executive duties and empowered to offer information, give advice and make proposals within its scope of action. 

Its goal is to drive the development of social responsibility in the MAPFRE Group.

Senior representatives from the areas of Finance, Resources and Institutional Coordination and the General Counsel make up the Committee. In addition, receiving support and advice from the Social Responsibility Corporate Reputation Management and the Internal CSR Work Group.