RepTrack and other measurements

RepTrack and other measurements

To measure its reputation, MAPFRE uses the RepTrak method developed by Reputation Institute, which includes both the measurement and management of corporate reputation by analyzing seven factors.

The main aim of RepTrak1 is to identify strengths and weaknesses within the company in order to manage its reputation. This information is supplemented by the results of annual reports drawn up by the Corporate Reputation Business Monitor (MERCO)2.

To this is added the work performed by the group to meet the standards and demands required to remain in the FTSE4Good and FTSE4Good Ibex indices, which evaluate the performance of listed companies in terms of sustainable development and respect for human rights. Other recognitions of MAPFRE's performance can be found here.

Furthermore, MAPFRE is a member of CORPORATE EXCELLENCE, which comprises a prestigious group of multinational companies dedicated to promoting and measuring brand and corporate reputation management as strategic values.

1Available for 6 countries.
2In Spain.