International Commitments to Sustainable Development

International Commitments to Sustainable Development

MAPFRE's commitment to sustainable development is steadfast, and borne out by the company's voluntary adhesion to benchmark international and local initiatives in this field, and in which the company participates actively. For detailed information about these commitments, please visit our Annual Social Responsibility Report 2016.

United Nations Global Compact

MAPFRE has integrated within its management the ten principles of action included in this pact, which the company has been part of since 2004. These are matters related to human rights, labor rights, the environment and the fight against corruption. The results have been very satisfactory, with MAPFRE's Progress Report 2016 having been awarded the maximum "Advanced" score by the United Nations.

United Nations Environment Program Finance Initiative (UNEPFI)

This develops and promotes links between the environment, sustainability and financial performance, identifying and stimulating the adoption of best environmental and sustainability practices at all levels of a financial institution's operations.

Principles for Sustainable Insurance (PSI)

At MAPFRE we work to integrate these insurance industry-specific principles into our activities, which seek to include environmental, social and corporate governance aspects in business management, whether as opportunities or risk. Within this framework, MAPFRE adheres to the overall commitment of the insurance industry in support of the United Nations disaster risk reduction (United for Disaster Resilience).

Paris Pledge for Action

This commitment involves achieving a safe, stable environment in which temperature rises are limited to below 2ºC. Measures are also undertaken to immediately reduce greenhouse gas emissions to a safe level.

Climate Disclosure Project (CDP)

MAPFRE is a signatory to the Carbon Disclosure, Water Disclosure and Carbon Action Programs which form part of the Climate Disclosure Project (CDP). In 2016 MAPFRE was included in the Global A-List for having achieved the highest rating (A) relating to performance and the transparency of information reported. This list comprises the top 113 global companies in terms of a decrease in emissions and the fight against climate change.

Principles for Responsible Investment

MAPFRE has signed up to the global network of signatories to the Principles for Responsible Investment, an initiative in collaboration with the United Nations Global Compact, aimed at understanding the impact of environmental, social and governmental issues on investment, and including them in their decision making. The six Principles were developed by investors and are supported by the UN. There are currently 1,400 signatories taking action in more than 50 countries. 

Other recognitions honoring MAPFRE’s endeavors and management in other areas can be found here.