Press Releases

MAPFRE toma control aseguradora ABDA Indonesia

MAPFRE will take control of Indonesian insurance company ABDA after raising its stake to 51 percent

Through this transaction, valued at 92 million euros, MAPFRE completes its entry into the Indonesian insurance market
New appointments in MAPFRE and its subsidiaries

New appointments in MAPFRE

MAPFRE reduces its Board of Directors to 15, raises female representation on the Board to 27 percent and makes progress with both the generational replacement and diversity of its senior managemement
Fundación MAPFRE presenta los resultados de una terapia celular personalizada para el tratamiento de lesionados medulares

Fundación MAPFRE presents the results of personalized cell therapy for treating spinal cord injury

MAPFRE consigue la certificación internacional de calidad del instituto de auditores internos

MAPFRE awarded international quality certification from Institute of Internal Auditors

This certification gives credit to the company for its excellent tools for continuous improvement of internal control

¿Quieres hacer prácticas en cualquier país en los que MAPFRE está presente?

MAPFRE selects the 10 best young actuaries in Spain

The company will offer the chance to develop a career in the insurance industry and to join an international team

Fundación MAPFRE y Milenio, juntos por Cero Accidentes

Fundación MAPFRE and Milenio united for Zero Accidents

MAPFRE LATAM North and MAPFRE MEXICO CEO, Jesús Martínez Castellanos, recently took part in the panel Road Accidents: Urban Challenge

MAPFRE, entre las diez mayores aseguradoras europeas en 2015

MAPFRE, one of the top ten insurance companies in Europe in 2015

The premium revenue of the continent's largest insurance groups grew 7.8 percent last year, according to the Fundación MAPFRE

MAPFRE’s revenues exceed 7,263 million euros in the first quarter,  and profits amount to 192 million euros

MAPFRE’s profits grow by 20.5 percent to 380 million euros in the first half