Strategic Plan 2019-2021: “We’re transforming for growth and improved profitability”

At MAPFRE we are transforming to grow profitably. Digitization and innovation are key for this evolution. Transformation will be ever present in all that we do, acting as a veritable driver across the entire company. Our strategy is based on three pillars:

Strategic Pillars 2019-2021

  1. Client orientation:
    Our team is 100% client oriented. We are committed to a competitive model, which puts clients at the center of everything we do, with the aim of offering an optimal experience at every moment of contact with MAPFRE. We want to know, understand and enhance customer loyalty; increase productivity in all our channels and innovate in products, services and experiences for our clients.

  2. Excellence in technical and operational management:
    We work to improve our efficiency, adapting our structure to offer an excellent service, with a global, flexible and open technology that enables us to increase our competitiveness.

  3. Talent and culture:
    Strengthening the commitment of everyone working at MAPFRE, we wish to continue adapting to changes with new skills that allow us to face future challenges. We continue working to become a benchmark for sustainability. MAPFRE is a group committed to sustainable development and, especially, with the fight against climate change.

We are transforming and innovating to be a more streamlined, advanced and efficient company, focused on clients and on business profitability.