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Solutions for Individuals 


Solutions for Individuals 

Solutions for Individuals

We offer personalised solutions in the insurance, finance and services sectors.

As leaders in a high number of markets we provide our private customers with products and services which ensure their tranquility and protect their assets.

MAPFRE operates in a number of insurance classes such as:

  • Motor
  • Home
  • Health
  • Life
  • Retirement
  • Accidents
  • Death
  • Assistance
  • Agriculture and livestock activities

We also offer, among others, Savings and Investment solutions or services for Senior Citizens (residences, teleasistance…).


Devoted to service

In MAPFRE we understand your needs and try our best to offer the best solution.

The concept of customer includes their safety, prevention, protection of their property and their health, their savings and assurance needs personal and family circumstances.

That is the reason why we design specific products and advise you on which one best suits your needs.

Our extensive commercial network around the world and our services by telephone and Internet allow us to be available whenever you need us. 24 hours a day 365 days a year.

Solutions for Individuals

MAPFRE's commitment to improve the quality of life of its customers has led us to maintain a strong commitment to innovation in our traditional solutions.

We are a dynamic company in creating new business lines and a pioneer company in innovative projects where the latest technologies are applied.

One example is that MAPFRE is the first insurer to offer in Chile a Mandatory Personal Accident Insurance through Internet which marks a milestone in the insurance policy management model in this market.

This commitment together with the will to maximize synergies, allow MAPFRE to be at the forefront of innovation in insurance and financial solutions.

If you would like further information, please review the solutions we offer in each country through the web pages of the various MAPFRE worldwide companies.



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