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Warnings list

  • Fraud in MAPFRE

    Mapfre would like to warn consumers of attempts of fraud by entities that have absolutely no connection with this firm, and which use the name and prestige of Mapfre illegally.

    1. We are aware of the fact that mass mailings have been sent, claiming to be from MAPFRE, which announce the awarding of valuable prizes in lottery drawings, and that require a payment in advance to cover the cost of taxes, handling, etc before the prize can be collected. On some occasions, the names of well-known lotteries ("el Gordo", "la Primitiva") and prestigious financial institutions are cited, requesting the winner to contact mobile telephone numbers or post office boxes, which turn out to be false.
    2. Furthermore, we have verified the existence of several fake Internet websites (,, where third parties fraudulently use MAPFRE's name, and which involve scams offering mobile telephones, laptop computers, video cameras, etc, and again require the recipient to pay in advance for articles which are never delivered.

    MAPFRE has reported these irregularities to the proper Spanish Authorities, and warns its customers and the general public that they should stay alert and take precautions to protect themselves by not making any payments without first checking the true identity of who is requesting it. We would therefore like to remind our policyholders that all payments should be made in accordance with what is stipulated in the individual contracts and insurance policies, and through usual channels.